Slow and Steady

November 10, 2015

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Attention listeners who are not yet listening (I know no one is reading these yet, I’m just trying to get used to this again.  I haven’t posted in a blog since I closed down my Xanga)!  We are experiencing temporal difficulties with releasing the Podcast.

We’re still producing episodes at our standard rate so this delay will allow us to release several episodes at once!  They say you’re supposed to leave them wanting more, but I want you guys to be sick of us after your first day of binge-listening.  But then I’m hoping you’ll be fine by the next week and continue listening forever.  FOREVER.  Or just for as long as you want.

In summary: So many great episodes have been recorded, and Brent and I are just hording them for ourselves.  How many times do I have to listen to them before I’m definitely a narcissist?

I look forward to someone reading this some day.  Be excited.  Be, be excited.

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