Introducing Acid Bath!

December 23, 2015

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Here it is!  We present to you the very first episodes of the Acid Bath Podcast!

Ross and I have been close friends for the last fifteen years; and we’ve spent many evenings discussing the state of the world, exploring different concepts, and challenging each other’s ideas.  After years of keeping in touch over the phone, we’re now holed up in an apartment in Chicago having these conversations on a daily basis.  Realizing that, we decided to issue a challenge to one another where we would pick a topic each week and engage in earnest conversation to see what we reveal.

We go into each episode looking at it not as an educational opportunity, but as a chance to discover what the topic is to us and hopefully to expose any of the faulty or preconceived notions that one or the other of us holds.  Each episode we hope to find out what the topic is in the world today, what it means to us and our lives, and what it could be in the future.

Thank you for listening in, and without further ado:
Welcome to Acid Bath!

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