Acid Bath on iHeartRadio!

The future is now folks, the Acid Bath podcast is now available on iHeartRadio! Come check out our lovely episodes and hit the little heart icon next to our name; and maybe share it on facebook; and if you […]

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Acid Bath Live!

The Acid Bath Podcast will be coming live to the Playground Theater in Chicago Illinois!  Monday July 18th at 8:00pm Brent and Ross will be headlining the Victor Alpha variety show with a discussion of (what else?) Veterans.  Join us […]

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Picked Up by Stitcher

We’re really doing it folks.  Acid Bath is set up on Stitcher now too!  We’re here to satisfy your podcast needs no matter what platform you’re using. Frankly I’m disappointed you thought we would neglect you.  Shame on you. […]

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Introducing Acid Bath!

Here it is!  We present to you the very first episodes of the Acid Bath Podcast! Ross and I have been close friends for the last fifteen years; and we’ve spent many evenings discussing the state of the world, exploring […]