Episode 045 – Psychedelics and Goodbye

October 17, 2016

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Welcome one and all to the Final Episode of the Acid Bath Podcast. The fates have aligned to place Ross and Brent into different cities once again; and rather than altering the nature of the podcast in an attempt to record remotely, we have decided to place it on “indefinite hiatus”. Thank you so much for listening up to this point. We can only hope you have enjoyed your time with us, and feel free to share and access these episodes any time you like in the future.

For our final episode we decided to let the proverbial cat out of the proverbial bag and speak only in proverbs as we discuss Psychedelics. We discuss the origins and uses of Psychedelic substances, our own experiences with altered states of consciousness, and the potential future as new rounds of research are starting up. Feel free to enjoy this episode through whatever lens of perception you wish.

The opening track this week is called “The Psychedelic And” by Six Umbrellas. More of their music can be found Here.


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