Episode 043 – Artificial Intelligence

Tonight’s topic is the infinitely fascinating: Artificial Intelligence. We discuss the nature of intelligence and “Machine Intelligence”, the different ways that artificial intelligence is already in use today, and the incredible and intimidating future of AI. So plug into your […]

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Episode 040 – Cyber Crime

Tonight’s episode is a fun-filled romp through an especially intimidating topic: Cyber Crime.  We discuss the various types of cyber crime, the people or groups who commit these crimes, and their motivations.  We explore the vulnerabilities of living in a […]

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Episode 038 – Wrestling

Today’s episode is a high-flying, acrobatic extravaganza as we grapple with our topic: Wrestling.  Wrestling has appeared in some form in pretty much every culture and as far back as 15,000 years ago.  We try to figure out why wrestling […]

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Episode 037 – Chicago

Tonight we bring another guest into the fold.  CJ Seestadt, a Chicago native, joins us for a discussion of the Second City.  We talk about the origins of Chicago, what it means to grow up in the back of the […]

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