Episode 007 – The Devil

This episode is from a few months back where we decided to pick a random topic and just get weird with it, hence this charming, rambling podcast about The DEVIL! We talk about supernatural monsters, legendary origins, and ways that […]

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Episode 006 – Coolhunting

In this episode, we pay tribute to characters like Cayce Pollard and the insanity that is the modern day advertising world by looking at CoolHunting!  We look at what makes things stand out to us, and exhibit this elusive quality […]

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Episode 005 – Sex

In this episode, we candidly discuss one of the wildest facets of humanity.  We talk about the biological imperative, American love-making culture, relationships, and even share a few stories from our early experiences with human intimacy.  This episode ended up […]

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Picked Up by Stitcher

We’re really doing it folks.  Acid Bath is set up on Stitcher now too!  We’re here to satisfy your podcast needs no matter what platform you’re using. http://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=80362&refid=stpr Frankly I’m disappointed you thought we would neglect you.  Shame on you. […]

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