Episode 011 – Beer

This week’s topic is one your hosts have spent their fair share of time exploring, Beer!  Crack open a cold one and join us as we dig deep into the origins and cultures that exist around this wonder drink.  Craft Beer, […]

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Episode 010 – Dreams

In the latest episode of the Acid Bath Podcast, we focus on one of the most interesting and ephemeral aspects of the human condition: Dreams. We dive right in, exploring theories regarding why we dream in the first place, lucid […]

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Episode 009 – Espionage

We missed our normal release time last night, so we thought we’d make it up to you by releasing an episode that’s hot off the presses.  Brent and I just finished recording this discussion of Espionage and we’re ready to hand-deliver […]

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Episode 008 – Meat

In this episode we dive into the idea of Meat and it’s role in American food culture.  We talk about the emphasis on having meat as a central element in the modern meal and the alternative bases emerging today.  We also discuss that age-old […]

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