Episode 038 – Wrestling

Today’s episode is a high-flying, acrobatic extravaganza as we grapple with our topic: Wrestling.  Wrestling has appeared in some form in pretty much every culture and as far back as 15,000 years ago.  We try to figure out why wrestling […]

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Acid Bath on iHeartRadio!

The future is now folks, the Acid Bath podcast is now available on iHeartRadio! http://www.iheart.com/show/263-Acid-Bath/ Come check out our lovely episodes and hit the little heart icon next to our name; and maybe share it on facebook; and if you […]

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Episode 037 – Chicago

Tonight we bring another guest into the fold.  CJ Seestadt, a Chicago native, joins us for a discussion of the Second City.  We talk about the origins of Chicago, what it means to grow up in the back of the […]

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Episode 035 – Online Dating

Tonight’s topic is meant to appeal to those brave souls looking for love in all the right places: Online Dating.  We talk about the origins of online dating and the source material from which it emerged, our experiences with online […]

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