Episode 029 – Aviation

In this episode we do a high speed take-off into the world of Aviation.  This topic resonates especially with Brent and his experience in the Air Force, but what’s not to love about flying?  We discuss the wonders of Aviation […]

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Episode 028 – Anxiety

This was an episode that was easy to get nervous about; because tonight we address Anxiety.  Anxiety is something that everyone will feel at some point to varying degrees.  We get into the many different types of anxiety, the severity […]

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Episode 027 – Friendship

Tonight we dig into a topic that was instrumental in the founding of this podcast: Friendship.  Your esteemed hosts have been friends for over 15 years.  We spend this episode unpacking the idea of what a Friend is, how friend-groups […]

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Episode 026 – Video Games

Brace yourself for an increased geek factor this week as we cover a topic very close to our hearts: Video Games.  Losing yourself in the story of a video game is an experience topped only by doing so with a friend. […]

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