Episode 020 – and Taxes

In part two of our Inevitable series we talk about Taxes.  Not many people enjoy paying their taxes, but we had a surprising amount of fun discussing them.  We get into why taxes exist, the various systems of taxation, and […]

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Episode 019 – Death

Tonight we decided to take on a lighter topic we can all relate to. Lay back as we discuss Death.  We examine the line between life and death, the possibilities of what happens after we die, and the longevity of […]

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Episode 018 – Self Driving Cars

This episode takes a certain departure from our normal format as the topic rests mostly in the future.  Self Driving Cars are here now, and they don’t look to be going anywhere soon.  Either that or they’ll be going everywhere soon […]

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Episode 017 – Books

This is an episode for you to curl up with in your favorite reading chair because tonight we’re discussing Books.  The written word changed our society forever, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  With books we consider the […]

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