Episode 016 – Gambling

Join us as we sit down to discuss one of the oldest pass-times in human history, Gambling.  This is one of those topics that grows and grows the closer you look at it.  Ross and Brent relate their own experiences […]

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Episode 015 – Cartoons

Join us for a trip down memory lane as we draw our attention to Cartoons!  Today we discuss the origins of cartoons and animation, their power and purpose, and can’t help but reminisce about our favorite cartoons, past and present. […]

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Episode 014 – Police

Police.  What are they?  And where do they get off doing all of that… policing?  In this episode we sit down for a candid discussion on the concept of the Police; their history, purpose, and practice.  We share our own […]

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Episode 013 – Road Trips

In this episode we tackle the idea of the great American Road Trip.  We discuss the origins of and motivations behind Road Trips and relate some of our own experiences traversing the nation.  We also discuss some alternative journeys of discovery i.e. […]

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